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AA Survey Meme [Shannon]
The sketch above was made by avodkabottle
I tried to give a stab at this because I wanted to get a better mental picture of my character. Here goes...

Tell us about your character!

1. What is their name? (How is this pronounced?)
Shannon Ó Miach
It's pronounced "SHAH-non o MEE-ah"
I'm kind of expecting "Shan" to be her diminutive nickname. "The young lady" or "Lady Shan" are probable appellations within her father's desmene.

Her name has irish roots, mostly due to her father being born in Iadlain. It means "the wise one". She's not entirely there yet.

2. Who are they exactly?
She's a minor lord's youngest daughter, probably the one that fills in his shoes the most despite having more qualifiable heirs.

Shan contrasts other members of the country, because were the drive for others is "Queen and country", her devotion is directed to the people in her land. When I made her, I was also trying to mirror the Dark Elf Princess Lorna in a "she started kind of similar, but is turning out like this").

Shannon is intended to be part of the mustered soldiery against Iadlain and the empire. She was originally concepted to be a newly recruited Queen's Assassin, but on recommendation, I stepped back on that and time will tell how she pans out.

3. How do they typically spend a day?
Assuming she's assisting her father, after breakfast she'd typically catch up on the events-to-day with clan maester. Though capable of pushing papers, she'd likely have the more active task of getting out and checking on things, touring the manor and the desmene in general, hear people out, lend an hand as opportunities present themselves.

By evening she would eat dinner, share notes with her father, discuss the finer points of resolutions she was ambivalent over.

Given wartime now, anything goes, really. >_>

4. What language(s) do they speak? If they could learn another, what would it be?
Common -  It's mainly the language she employs when speaking to people from  Iadlain.
Canan - she's fluently, it's her language of birth.

Dark Elves being as insular as they are, it's doubtful she would learn more. She usually would have interest once she knew she was visiting a place and didn't know the language primarily used there. She'd be determined to be better prepared (learning the curse words is a vitally important part of making first contact =P ).

Of course, with Reluir effectively at war with the Empire, that prospect seems unlikely.

5. How fit or healthy are they?
Shannon has a very active life that helps her stay fit, but enjoys the clean lifestyle of nobility so at the end of the day she still has a good hygiene, gets to eat filling, hearty meals, all of that combined goes a long way in her remaining in good health.

She can swim, climb and she's a pretty good at running long distance... though that also brought along its significant share of calluses. Her mother Marion had at times tried to sand them off to make Shan maintain a delicate appearance more in tune with the elegance of the peerage around the capital, but eventually gave up.

6. What is their current romantic and/or sexual orientation?

7. What did they want to be when they were a child? Did these aspirations go anywhere as they grew up?
She's always loved how her father's serfs doted on her and wanted to give back to them to keep currying for their favor. In her adulthood, her life still revolves around the people of her land, but her efforts for them are more out of genuine selfless love.

8. How good are they at swimming?
She's a fairly good swimmer in any inland river or lake, and she's able to hold her breath for about two minutes.

9. What about their cooking skill? Who usually makes their meals, themselves or someone else?
She's learned not to be too dependent on servants and can cook serviceably wholesome meals when away from her clan's manor or on the road. She enjoys her meals being appreciated enough to want to be considered competent, though it's hardly fare fit for kings. Baking is a favored hobby of hers.

10. What are they attracted to or repulsed by in other people?
She's grown to develop a cautious aversion for signs of commoners that, because she's much closer to them than typical for her station, try to take advantage of that or start feeling entitled to more. All her intimate relationships with boys in her youth generally ended that way.

She chafes at the open mistreatment of the downtrodden, and reluctantly chooses to refrain from acting on it unless those subject to abuse are the serfs under her own Clan's stewardship. She feels that propping oneself up at the expense of others is cheap and distasteful. If you are superior then you should act like it, and that means be above arrogance. Noblesse oblige.

11. What is their sleep schedule like?
Shannon is, like her serfs, diurnal. She wakes with the sun, take advantage of most of the daylight, and moonrise is a time for dinner and to conclude the day. Candlelight is reserved to the occasional reading (usually the eve of visiting a church, since there's less consequences to rising later).

12. How well do they tolerate spicy food?
She's not intolerant, but neither a fan. As long as she can stomach it without too much alarm she'll remain stoic, making up for it by consuming water or bread to mitigate matters. If not, she'll retire from the table and give in to agony elsewhere and once she recovers, she will certainly be up front enough to insurre she does not get a second helping.
13. What’s on their bucket list?
Her bucket list was simple. Preferably in order, it went:
- find a nice man
- marry
- have a family
None of them really priorities. Just idle thinking of things that were bound to happen within her next century.

The war against Iadlain threw that off, her wishlist becoming much more immediate:
- idiot priestess older sister needs to get out of her religious funk and become the heiress their father expected her to be. Right now Shannon feels she's the one most suitable, which is not right.
- she doesn't want her brother to succumb to his wounds. Not the least because if he does, she'll be closer to actual succession of her father's lands... but really, seeing him near-death startled her in how much she loved him and did not want to lose him.
- She wants the war to stay an offensive one, so that her Clan's land will not be at the frontlines.
- Reluir needs to annex Iadlain. If Reluir needs to go to war against Iadlain, it had better win swiftly.

14. What is their money management like?
She essentially has little to no spending money, her needs looked after by her household and her serfs. This was not always like that - when she was younger she happily gave away things that were not hers to give. Nowadays she's far more responsible with her clan's earnings.

That's not to say that she's unfamiliar with the market value of goods and how the economy runs. She needed to learn that. Shannon just rarely shop by herself, her family typically commissioning what they need further afar from their desmene. Knowing how some extravagances the peerage takes for granted would feed serf families for months makes her lean on being more frugal.

15. How do they show love or appreciation?
She was very touchy-feely when she was young. After being further drilled on what is proper, she keeps her distances more. Demonstrations of fondness or appreciation will usually involve brief but meaningful touching and platonic kissing (cheek, forehead). When Shan is grateful, she makes sure people know she is.

16. How do they handle anger?
Shannon isn't prone to flaring tempers. Oh, she can feel thick white-hot outrage or anger like anyone else, but she's level-headed enough to compartmentalize her ire and then be ruthlessly efficient in rationalizing what she can and cannot do about it. She's a little scary when she gets angry because she usually doesn't lose her cool.

17. What are some of their opinions on different cities and religions?

Iadlain: what should have been her friendly but somewhat wierd neighbors. Sucks that Reluir is at war with them, though if they're finally annexed, maybe some of the awkward between the two will finally go away. That's likely a naive view of what Reluir's racial supremacist tendencies will have ensue once it's in power.

Reluir: Home. Somewhat ordinary. Cities feel much more self-important than the countryside. It makes her a bit self-conscious to go there around the peerage, she feels somewhat disconnected and inferior to everyone else in the peerage.

She doesn't care much for other gods aside from Atros and never really formed an opinion about them besides "they're not Atros".

18. How would they behave at a party?
Along in the Relan peerage she'd likely be a quiet wallflower to try and not be an embarassment to her family. It'd take people she knew she could connect to there for her to loosen up and try to have fun.

What is their favourite:

19. Colour?

20. Food?
Roasted slightly salted potatoes.

21. Drink?
She likes juices, but is careful not to drink some without a meal. The more acid ones give her heartburn.

22. Animal?
Hollow spiders! :D

23. Music?
The songs that play in parties held within the peerage are often quite enchanting. Listening to the music is one way she's found she could survive evenings in high society without dying of boredom.
Never the military bagpipes. Never.

24. Scent?
She likes the scent of freshly tilled earth and when rain (the freshwater kind) is in the air - both bode good things and possibility of a brighter future. Wildflowers are nice too, but people seem to expect her to be much fonder of flowers than she actually is. Old libraries are also nice, they smell of secrets waiting to be uncovered!

25. Position to sleep in?
Spent her childhood sleeping mostly on her front, but her bosom started to get in the way of that being comfortable, so, she graduated to fetal position on the side.

26. Clothing style?
Despite being a daughter of nobility, her father's lands are at the frontier of Reluir. Finery doesn't much have its place there, so even what Shannon would count as 'pretty dresses' are just sturdily made with embroidery.

Usually she goes for snug coveralls. She favors rollover collars that she can flip up to use as a mask if she wants to work outside and not risk glitterbog. She carries a pair of work gloves to protect from the very same. She also usually brings along a shoulder wrap that she double as a hood to protect from scalding rain if she's ever caught out by it. She prefers to break in her boot soles quickly; easier to be quiet with them that way.

27. Weather?
Sunny days are great! But having faced drought before, Shannon actually appreciates rain much more and - not that she's the lazy type - but it gives her an excuse to relax and lounge inside with a good book.

28. Hobby?
Shannon picked up reading and if asked for her hobbies, that's likely the one she would choose. It would come across as more genteel/lady-like. But it's a hard hobby to share with the people around her.

Cooking is what she really likes. Her station doesn't allow her to do all that much for it, but she's learned a lot helping out other people. She's especially fond of baking deserts that she can indulge her sweet tooth in, or share with others.

29. Place to hang out?
She values high perches, from tree branches to windowsills. She's fond of stained glass windows because they are colorful and let her look out without neccessarily being noticed.

30. Way to de-stress?
Taking walks, or pacing. She internalizes a lot, so going on something simple and repetitive helps her spend her restless energy and retain some clarity.

31. Midnight snack?
Meat spread on bread. It's filling. Though people tell her not to because it's heavy on the stomach before bed... but she never had a problem with it.

32. Endearment?
Teasingly come up to another person quietly and then call for their attention to see if they will be startled and test if she's quiet enough.

Unexpectedly poke or (in the winter) try to chill someone with cold fingers when she isn't paid attention by someone she's close to.

33. Mode of transport?
She's used to roughing it up on foot, but for long distance it'd be a horse.
Shannon has ridden carriages and while those are much more merciful on her behind, they're also just. So. Boring.

What would your character do if:

34. A child tried to pickpocket them and failed?
Waste no time in retrieving her belonging and detain the pickpocket in a "I need that" fashion. She'd be prone to meddling and asking why he tried stealing from her. If she's given an honest enough answer, she might spare some coin with an admonition to not do it again.

She'd likely be too naive to realize - unless clearly pointed out to her - how the child would by necessity continue.

35. It started raining very heavily and the only nearby shelter was a stranger’s umbrella?
he would try to politely impose. "Is it alright if I step in?" In her experience, people are generally well-meaning, and even those made awkward by the situation would be helpful enough to suck it up.

A refusal would be taken in stride with a neutral "Oh, alright" and she'd then hurry to cover. If it is 'scalding rain', Shannon will remember the person poorly in the future.

36. They noticed a scorpion on their chest?
She'd freeze in fright and go wide eyed. Given a moment to gather her wits, she'd likely try to incline her torso so that the scorpion would be coaxed to crawl off her. She wouldn't dare handle it without gloves.
Scorpions (and their notorious venom) just strike her as more sinister than spiders.

37. They noticed a scorpion on someone else’s chest?
She would put on gloves, sternly warn the person to stay still in that tone her father uses that brooks no disobedience, and she would pick up the scorpion by the tail... before chucking it very far away.

38. A guard told them they were under arrest and asked them to come quietly without an explanation?
Her first impulse would be to channel her mother and implacably demand why in true noble matriach fashion.

Shannon is not uninterested in cooperating and clearing out misunderstandings. Arresting is sometimes just about putting people in controlled environments before sorting things out - and her signet ring is usually sufficient to help smooth things over with the law until her family becomes involved.

However, the demand would be more to feel out the guard's credibility. He might not be a guard, and she is still a Ridir's daughter. She's wary enough to not want to easily give herself up as a prisoner to be ransomed away.

39. They found themselves barefoot, unarmed and penniless in an unknown city, with absolutely no recollection of how they got there?

Once the initial panic attack abated, she would take stock of her surroundings. Her relative good looks and fitness would be her only assets them. Provided there's no stigma to work against her, she'd try to determine where she is and where more menial work would be needed more (a busy tavern) to try and begin to recover her footing from the experience. The Reluir/Iadlain war complicates that a lot in the Empire, it's not like she could just pay an airship ride back to Reluir, which would eventually have her migrate to someplace more neutral like Song-Lu in order to head for Estraude.

In the Kingdom, the likelyhood of her being able to fend for herself would be slim to none. She'd likely head for the autorities and explain her situation within the context of a crime; ideally leading to deportation. Her fallback position would then be Estraude.

Relations between Estraude and Reluir have cooled, but the Wood Elves would probably be the people Shannon would trust the most in a pinch.

40. One of their friends or relatives came crying to them in the middle of the night?
She would wake up, very quickly, and hear them out. While Shannon makes no claim about knowing all the right answers, especially in situations like this, she's a good listener.

Once the story is out, she'd try to help walk the friend/relative through her problem, coaching him/her into thinking of some constructive way to address the problem.

41. Someone punched them at a bar?
It better not have been in the face!
The 'silent stare of death' would likely be her initial response. She wouldn't pitch herself into a fight without being able to gauge whom might support the attacker. She might actually have to give up on any reprisal if she feels the mood of the room is against her. It would be juvenile to just throw herself into a fight.

But if she does not feel cornered, she might try to butress her dignity and undermine the other person's position with a challenge like: "Care to try again, now that I'll see you coming?" If the attacker doesn't rise to the challenge, he's the one that looks bad, not her, and her pride will be salved enough by seeing him chicken out.

If he does have the temerity to try again, then she'll be determined to make him see stars and nurse bruises for the coming weeks.

42. They saw a stray kitten wandering on the street and a speeding carriage heading straight towards it?
Though Shannon would want to save the kitten, risking her life for it would be irresponsible. She'd settle to try and spook him off the street, making him flee from her before the carriage runs him over.

43. They were very hungry but the only edible things available were some live snails, unidentified mushrooms and moonshine?
Snails she could eat after killing them. The unidentified mushrooms she would first break open and rub against the softer skin under her forearm to see if it elicitated a bad reaction before daring to eat them.

She wouldn't drink moonshine knowingly. Moonshine would addle her, making her less capable of fending out for herself, and it would effectively be a trap to drink it since it would just make her vomit out even more fluids later.

Time for some gossip!

44. Have they ever been in love?
Yes! A few serf boys throughout the decades. Nothing that lasted, though.

45. How single and ready to mingle are they at the moment?
Shannon is open to romance. She's just wary of relationships with commoners because they've so far invariably grew entitled to more advantages since they slept with her. It's a way to curry favor that leaves a bad taste in her mouth; she doesn't want to feel taken advantage of.

46. Have they ever killed or seriously hurt someone?
Unfortunately, yes. War is nasty.
When she thought no one was looking, she cried herself to sleep.

47. Who is the most important person (or people) in their life right now?
Her parents, especially her father. She's very much connected with him in the last couple of decades.

48. What is something they deeply regret?
Having to kill Iadlish soldiers in the war. It cannot be helped for her anymore, but seeing someone choke on his own blood because she ran a blade through his ribs is heartwrenching. They look as helpless and afraid as her own people when they die in her arms.

49. Are they a virgin?
Nope! :)

50. Do they have any secret bad habits?
Shannon is a shameless eavesdropper. It's one of the reasons she learned to move well and to do so quietly; practice makes perfect. :)

51. Have they ever been drunk or high? What are or would they be like if they were?
Yes. Hangovers are terrible and Shannon's sworn off alcohol more than once, only to indulge again to not be anti-social later. She hasn't demonstrated as much restraint and self-control as she'd like in those situations.

And finally, let's get meta:

52. What would your character say (or do) to you if they met you?
Probably exchange pleasantries and move on. We don't have a whole lot in common.

53. In real life, where would your character live and what would their job be?
I kind of picture her as a college student working part-time as a waitress, just at the cusp of adulthood and getting her career going.

54. If your character could read other characters’ applications like resumes, who would they pick out as acceptable roommates?
She'd probably flip over to the dark elves, then browse around and be surprised (and a little spooked) that there are so many parts of the Queen's Assassins. Most of the males would be out of the window since she'd have to show modesty around them.

- Elathea is younger and cute as a button. Shannon would like to have her around, see magic tricks, and spoil the awkward girl in turn.

55. What other characters in the group would you never ever want your character to fight against, and why?
Actually, anyone that's would premeditate killing her, such as the Queen's Assassins, feel the most dangerous. Most opponents somesort of interaction can still be done to achieve something. The knife that waits for you to be vulnerable and strikes when you don't see it, and will likely keep striking if it misses its mark one night feels the deadliest.

56. Which city leader would you like to take your character on a magic carpet ride?
Cassair ó Faoláin, probably.
Just at a chance to perhaps see his wonder at the ride. The man seems very tormented and even if he's essentially the leader of her 'enemies', I'd kind of like to have Shannon perceive him as a person rather than a faceless someone.
AA: Shannon O Miach

Current artwork made by avodkabottle, you can see the fullbody here and the headshot here in full resolution :)
I also did the survey meme to try and get more into her head.

A big thank you for everyone in the dA chatroom whom lent me a hand. The errors in this App are mine; there would be a lot more of them without the people that helped me get it done.

Update: This application was rejected for the opening of Nov 26 2016.

Name: Shannon Ó Miach [SHAH-non o MEE-ah]
Age: 97 (appears in her early 20s)
Birthday: Thursday, Day 5 of the Month of Gifts, Year of Paths (8195) (Nov 5) | Vipera the Snake
Day 18 of the Month of the Salmon, Year of the Lambent Pearl Cormorant
True Animal: Silkworm
Secret Animal: Snake

Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Race: Dark Elf

Class: Scout > Thief > Marauder
Occupation: Relan Army (Militia)
City: Reluir
Allegiance: Reluir State

    Winsome || Compassionate || Even-Tempered || Opinionated || Calculating || Flighty

    Shannon is a young noblewoman just on the cusp of maturity. Vivacious and compassionate; she has a zest for life that can be contagiously charming. She is friendly, has an easy smile, and a facility for closing distances. Her familiarity with people is however not restrained to her station, and she can be willfully improper about those boundaries. Spoiled by her priviledged upbringing and very opinionated, Shannon is all too willing to round corners if it lets her have what she wants and get away with it.

    Her defiance comes in part from her own interpretation of noblesse oblige. Shannon fiercely loves her land and the people whom live in it, wanting nothing more than to devote herself to their happiness. That makes her disdain the strictures of the peerage: she thinks someone born to priviledge and supposedly superior should be that much better in serving the land and people they help govern, not be better at snobbing the less fortunate. When consorting with the peerage, she cares enough to try and not shame her clan in open view of their peers, going to great - if tedious - lengths to just play the polite wallflower then.

    Self-possession, a quality that dawned with adulthood, eventually cooled impulse with the understanding that her actions had consequences for her vassals, both subtle and less so. It makes her look at her dilemmas with more pragmatism, pros and cons weighted cautiously before action - all schooled by a fear of being a burden. She handles anger in much the same way, with it coming across as cold calculated wrath when she is slighted.

    The well-being and happiness of her serfs, being pampered, turquoise (gemstone), hollow spiders, roasted potatoes, milk (swift cure to heartburn), baking (various pastries), ballroom music, quiet rainy days, being playfully discreet, ribbons

    Snobs, double-standards, abuse of authority, stuffy parties, carriages, drought, heartburn (acidic food and breverages), genuinely scalding rain, scorpions


    Shannon is the third-born and youngest daughter of Clan Ó Miach, who owns lands to the southern frontier of Reluir. Intent on setting an enduring legacy for generations to come, her parents heavily directed the careers of her older siblings... but took a second-seat to raising their third, allowing the servants to let their youngest grow carefree. For the serf community, that vibrant child was the ray of sunshine her older sister and brother had never been. They fondly doted on her. "Our young lady," they called her. That forever marked the child: rather than grow entitled to the treatment, she developped the heartfelt desire to pay it forward.

    Coming into her youth, her naivete towards her priviledged birth lessened, and with it came the tools to fulfill her desires in being instrumental in the happiness of her Clan's vassals. She began meddling at cross-purposes with her father's stewardship, discreetly pilfering tax money to 'return to the needy' and commiting to promises in her father's name that came as unpleasant surprises when the matter surfaced to him.

    Things came to a head after Shannon's brother Aodhan returned home, his decades squired away come to a close after having been annointed a Relan knight. Taking over the role of maintaining the serf militia, he quickly became aware of his youngest sister's liberties. Having had a much stricter upbringing, Aodhan quickly grew to see her as a spoiled brat and openly disapproved of his sister's 'misadventures'. Frequenting the peerage on greater frequency than the rest of the clan, he was the first aware of gossip refering to Shannon as someone "wallowing in the mundane", and was quick to let his father know. Now spurred by notions of retaining reputation, their Lord Father was much more inclined to follow along his son's desire to 'make something respectable' of the youngest.

    So, Shannon was made her brother's squire and her training began, along with the drills the militia went through. Though she was diligent and picked up what he had to teach well, she also clearly did not enjoy the overly militant bent her life had taken, and she dimmed accordingly. At first, Adhoan viewed that with satisfaction, but in time he grew less enthused by the task of 'breaking' and 'remaking' his sister into something respectable.

    After quiet talks, Shannon's Lord father decided to take the matters more in hand. His daughter's motivations had been clear all along, and he felt it was time to make a gamble and try to channel them. After ordering that her squire training be relaxed to the militia's occasional training, he instead started her delegating parts of the stewardship of his land and vassals.

    She took to the tasks with gusto and confidence. But, as her father hoped, the experience proved formative. Shannon learned how managing the land was very much 'management of poverty'. Though she was dedicated and had initiative... not all her decisions were popular. She made mistakes, she faced discontent and when she despaired over her failures. Her father sat with her, and began teaching her how to balance her idealism with realism. He made her more aware of the repercussions certain choices had that the ones not leading took for granted. How it was hard to make good decisions; too often the decision was between picking the less of two unpleasant choices. He conveyed to her that as all things of worth in life, change for the better required both commitment and hard work.

    Though the Ridir took back charge, he continued to involve her in overseeing the Clan's lands and desmene. The decades that followed were the closest the two had become, Shannon being taken with her father's wisdom while he grew to value her plucky sense of devotion towards the people.


    The prospects of the Reluir/Iadlain war was met with great ambivalence from Shannon. Their desmene at Reluir's southern edge was only a few days away from the northern Iadlish towns and though politically the two powers were sometimes at odds, to the locals across the borders, they were just people. Nationality was a thin line when merchants and peddlers crossed the border on occasion for trade. Those weren't faceless people her brother was then raising their militia to face. Given her understandable reluctance, but knowing what their duty was to the Queendom, her Lord father appointed her to serve in their knight-lead militia as courrier. And so it went on the field as the war began in earnest. Still troubled by the whole thing, Shannon still worked to carry out her role.

    On the third day into the conflict, she was absent ferrying messages when her brother's forces were strafed over by the Koban airfleet. At her return, she found her brother grievously and their men in shambles. When he proved too precarious to treat for the healers they'd had along, she had her brother sent back to Reluir while she retained a company of their militiamen and pressed on. She'd had a grim epiphany: for all her angsting over having to take Iadlish lives, they certainly hadn't been shy about nearly killing her brother. The notions of right and wrong fell to the wayside, replaced by a fierce desire to protect what was hers: her lands and the people she loved. That meant that the fighting had to stay away from Relan soil; Reluir needed to keep winning.

    Shannon carried on with her forces, contributing to the taking of Uirigh. Fortunately, they were nowhere deep into enemy territory when the Iadlish forces roused their woods to action and Shannon's group managed to remain unscathed, successfully pulling back to Reluir. She knew the lull in the fighting was just temporary; once the nightmarish woods settled, the next chapter of conflict would ensue. One in which was was now commited: the sooner Reluir stood victorious over Iadlain, the more unassailable the Reign Mountains would be for the Empire, the safer her own people would become as well.

Additional info:
  • Clan Ó Miach
    Shannon is the direct descendent of her clan's founder, her father, the clan being named after himself when it was formed two centuries ago. The story goes that his family originated from Iadlain. His career lead him into military service and after being smitten with a peddler's daughter and marrying her, his services to the crown rewarded him with title and lands on the southern edge of the Queendom.

    The Clan is mostly known for its aggricultural produces and livestock. The clan's crest is a moonmoth.

  • Shannon's squire training made her a proficient horseback rider; in the same context, she learned how to use the winchless lighter crossbow employed by cavalry. She also learned some swordsmanship and prefers lighter shortswords to daggers (better reach). Her time training with the militia made her handy with the spear and she knows the benefits of setting formations and working in that context. [fighter base]
  • Shannon's current class, [Thief], is more a portmanteau than anything else. She doesn't really indulge in burglary, so much as have a penchant towards nimble footwork, speed, discretion and clever thinking as her tools against most life-threatening situations.
  • She natively speaks Canan. She was taught Common so she could successfully barter with the neighboring Iadlish towns. So that Shannon could competently assist in stewardship, she was also tutored in her letters and numbers.
  • Very outdoorsy, Shannon is an excellent climber, knows how to swim, and is a tenacious runner. She knows her lands very well, Iadlain's countryside somewhat less (but enough to have a healthy respect for what crawls beneath, old and terrible).

    Ridir Miach- her Lord father. Shannon's childhood memories of him are largely of a careworn elf, always so very busy, the smiles he gave her rare and precious. During her youth she often had tumultuous clashes as she stood up to his authority. She is grateful for his firm hand, though, as it balanced her youthful idealism with a well-needed dose of realism. They've grown much closer in the recent few decades.
    Marion Ó Miach- Shannon's mother, the formidable mistress of their household. More mindful of their more mundane origins, Marion is the parent more sympathetic to Shannon being closer to their land's serfs.
    Saoirse Ó Miach- Eldest sister whom is now a Priestess of Atros. Always distant and away at Church, Shannon wonders if her sister is so pious that she will devote her entire life to Atros, rather than come back and succeed their father as Ridir.
    Aodhan Ó Miach- her older brother (but not by much), a Relan knight. Shannon got along with him swimmingly before he was made Squire. He became stuffier and more officious afterwards, but since he was knighted he had been insufferably holier-than-thou with her. As of Fire 8292, he has been grievously wounded, his life left in the balance.

RP Preference: Paragraphs, scripts on occasion.

I can type fast but I'm proven liable to make typos and to eagerly submit before reviewing my spelling, so any medium where I can actually fix my spelling after the fact is favored (for instance: online documents like GoogleDocs, forum posts, Discord chat).


Frederick Durand
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Favourite genre of music: Anime/Videogame Soundtracks mostly
Operating System: Windows 7


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